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Dr. Henley is possibly the most available doctor in the Tulsa metro.

First, he is the only physician in the practice. When you come to his clinic, you will never see another provider. You will never be bounced around from doctor to doctor.

Appointment slots are kept open daily for same-day scheduling of sick visits and acute needs. We do not believe in making patients wait for days to see the doctor when they are sick. We can typically schedule a visit within 24 hours.

Dr. Henley loves to TEXT with you. 

Utilizing a secure hipaa-compliant application called Spruce, you can text Dr. Henley directly with questions or concerns. Texting allows asynchronous communication freeing both you and Dr. Henley up to multitask and go about the day without playing phone tag on voicemails or trying to communicate through other people. Spruce is also capable of full telemedicine visits including real-time video chat. Most Spruce communications are free of charge. For telemedicine visits, or in cases where Dr. Henley offers a treatment, the patient's insurance will be billed. Dr. Henley is truly always available via the Spruce app.

Dr. Henley with newborn


Dr. Henley listens. Many patients come to Dr. Henley because their previous doctor "just would not listen". Even if there is no easy solution, every problem will be listened to and taken seriously. The same goes for the staff. Staff members are trained to listen and hear all concerns and work as a team to provide satisfactory results. We will leave no stone unturned to help a patient get the care they need.



One of Dr. Henley's practice philosophies is equal partnership. He believes that parents and patients are their own best healers. He strives to partner with his parents and patients in managing their health. He will do his best as a pediatrician to provide therapies, advice, and guidance while empowering parents, families, and patients to take ownership over their own health and participate in solutions to the best they can. At the Healthy Kids Clinic, we are a team and every member is valuable - especially you.

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