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One Month Old

At the one month visit, we will measure your baby to make sure they are growing well. We will go over developmental milestones and positive parenting techniques. We will discuss feeding, sleep, and any topic that you wish to discuss regarding your baby's care.

There are no vaccines due at this visit.

Please complete the post-partum depression screen prior to your visit.

Anticipatory Guidance

Daily Care

Your baby's brain is developing a rapid pace. Complex processes such trust and attachment are progressing. Your baby should be opening eyes more, gazing, and starting to track. They should also be able to briefly lift their head when laying on the belly. Supervised tummy time is very important for brain development and should be encouraged daily when awake.

It is important to interact with your baby often. Respond to cries, talk, and sing to your baby. You can even start reading books to your baby. 


Continue to ensure your baby has a safe sleeping environment free from heavy blankets or pillows. Monitor for signs of infection and call if your baby is coughing, breathing abnormally, or vomiting. Remember a fever should be considered an emergency.

Never shake or throw your baby. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, or anxious, please contact someone in your support system for help, and let us know as well.


Please complete the PPD screen by clicking the button below prior to your 1 month visit.

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