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Two Months

We will take your baby's measurements at every well child check. We will go over developmental milestones. Please fill out the developmental checklist by clicking the button below. 

Vaccines are due at this visit. See the vaccines page to read about each vaccine that will be administered.

Anticipatory Guidance

Daily Care

Your baby should be more interactive and expressive. You should be able to elicit smiles and coos. Your baby should be able to follow well with her eyes and turn towards sounds. She should grasp and lift her head while on her stomach. Supervised tummy time is very important for brain development and should be encouraged daily when awake.

It is still too early for sleep training or introducing any solid food. Continue with breastmilk and/or formula. Babies this age take 2-4 oz every 3 hours on average. 


Continue to ensure your baby has a safe sleeping environment free from heavy blankets or pillows. Monitor for signs of infection and call if your baby is coughing, breathing abnormally, or vomiting. Remember a fever should be considered an emergency.

Depending on the season, you may need to monitor for sun exposure. We recommend keeping your baby in the shade, putting UV protectant clothing, and a hat on your baby. If sunscreen is a must, keep the application as limited as possible.

Monitor the car seat and make sure your baby still appropriately fits. 

Never shake or throw your baby. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry, or anxious, please contact someone in your support system for help, and let us know as well.


Prior to the visit, please complete the developmental checklist by clicking the link above.

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