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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a pediatrician treating adults?

   A few years ago, I tried to implement a weight loss program for kids at Milestones. It was an unfortunate failure. I    quickly learned that kids are not going to develop healthy habits, if their parents aren't observing healthy habits.

   Then after going through some very tough life stuff while entering middle age at the same time, I started

   implementing some healthier habits for myself. As I did, I discovered this emerging field called "age management

   medicine." There is some exciting stuff coming out of this research. I began attending seminars and training

   sessions, and continue to do so. I am pursuing certification in age management as well as exercise nutrition. This

   allows me to incorporate preventative medicine for adults. I do not treat adult chronic illness such as diabetes or

   hypertension. Although if you have type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension, and you are willing to work and follow my

   program, you will likely cure yourself.

Is Dr. Henley leaving Milestones?
   No, I am not leaving Milestones. I am adding Extra Mile as a new component. I will maintain hours at Milestones,    and reserve time blocks of each day for Extra Mile patients. These blocks will expand as more patients join.
2. Can I use my insurance?
   The answer really depends on your insurance plan. Some plans will reimburse you for your medical expenses. I        do not currently bill insurance for Extra Miles services. I will reevaluate that option down the road.
3. What services are included?
   Extra Mile Health is a PREMIUM medical service. It is based on the direct care (aka concierge) medical model.          Members will receive direct access to me via phone, secure texting, and video when needed. Most of the      
   appointments that would take place in the office take place in your home. I will come and treat not only your sick  
   kids, but you as well. Even well checks and behavior visits are done in your home. For more information on what      is included please read the Extra Mile Agreement.
4. What if I do not want the appointment to take place in my home?
   The visits can still be done at the Milestones Pediatric Care office. You will not be charged a copay, and  
   insurance will not be billed.

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