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Spruce Info

New Pricing Structure for 2020!

Starting January 1st, 2020, all Spruce app interactions will have a fee attached. This is a premium concierge-type service that is over and above the typical services provided by primary care physicians. 

Due to the varying complexity of the interactions, however, it has become necessary to create a fee schedule. All Spruce services will be billed according to the following schedule:

  • Refill and appointment requests are $5. These will be handled directly by Dr. Henley and not delegated to staff.

  • Simple questions such as dosing questions are also $5. Ie "How much Tylenol can my child take?"

  • Basic medical consultations or requests for treatments are $10. For example, if one child child has strep and you request treatment for a second child.

  • Texting consultations with or without pictures, recorded video, and treatment recommendations will be $20.

  • Live video consultations will be $35.

  • Unlimited usage of the Spruce app for $30 per month.

Click here for the complete Spruce Usage Rules and Fee Schedule.

**Milestones patients are not required to use the Spruce app. Refill and appointment requests and non-urgent medical questions can be completed through our patient portal, Patient Fusion. You can register for this by calling the office. (918) 745-0800

Urgent medical situations after-hours can also be handled by calling the office and leaving a message for the doctor on call. Dr. Henley will call you back as soon as possible.

There are no extra fees associated with the patient portal or calling the office.

Frequent users of the Spruce app are highly recommended to become Extra Mile Members. For $30 a month, you have unlimited usage of the Spruce app as well as other benefits.

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