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Covid 19

What are we doing to protect you from COVID-19?


Waiting Areas

Professional Cleaning

Isolation Room

PCR Testing

Separate Waiting Areas


We have always believed in protecting our well kids from cross-contamination from the children who are visiting us for illness. Our clinic is divided in two halves; the "well side" and the "sick side. The back part of the clinic is reserved for sick kids. It has a separate waiting area and its own exam rooms. This is a unique set-up that you will not find in other pediatric clinics where the sick kids share rooms, toys, and equipment with well kids.

Furthermore, we try not to have patients waiting for long in the waiting rooms. Our goal is to room patients in less than 15 minutes from check-in. You will not be sitting in our office for hours as you might at other clinics. You also have the option of waiting in your car for your appointment time if you feel more comfortable. Please give us a call from the parking lot if this is your desire.

Professional Cleaning


We clean the clinic multiple times a day with antibacterial/antiviral agents. Each exam room is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after every single patient. Our clinic also receives a professional deep sterilization process three times per week. The process lasts for days, but we repeat it more often to be sure.

Isolation Room


All patients who have known exposure are immediately roomed in our designated "isolation room" No other patients are placed in this room. It undergoes deep sterilization after each use.

Covid Testing


We offer the "gold standard" covid testing. It is a nasal swab we send off for PCR testing. Depending on patient numbers and how many tests are in que, the results return in 24-72 hours.

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